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There are so many toys on the market, from large dildos to realistic masturbators to electro sex toys, it can be daunting and time-consuming finding the perfect sex toy for your needs.
Use the Advisor to help make the search process much easier and potentially find your next favorite adult toy!

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This tool will help guide you with finding the perfect toy for you. Based on your input, it will run your criteria via extensive algorithms to detemine best matches - based on user ratings, critic ratings, product characteristics and much more.
Alternatively, you can also browse the entire Products Catalog instead.

Please note that the advisor is new and in experimental stages right now, once we have more ratings on the site, the more accurate the results will get.

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Extremely poor battery!
Great! Lasts for ages!
Very comfortable.
No/barely any lubrication.
Very well lubricated.
Not natural at all.
Very natural!
Compltetly unreliable.
Very reliable, doesn't break!
Not good for couples play.
Perfect for couples play.
Not discreet at all, everyone will know I own this.
Nobody will find out about my treasure.
Very creepy, looks very unnatural!
Not creepy at all, looks great!
Very hard to maintain!
Super simple and easy.
Barely any movement.
Lots of movement.
Can not remove anything.
Great and easy to remove parts.
None/barely any.
Lots of options!
Too light.
Very heavy/sturdy feeling.
Took FOREVER to dry, not good!
Great, didn't have to wait long for it to dry and be ready for storage.
Feels too cheap and flimsy, won't last long.
Very well built, will last a long time.
The cleanup process is tedious and takes way too long.
Easy-peasy! Effortless cleaning.
Hard to get it to go in easily.
Went in without any issues.
I couldn't figure it out, very bad experience.
Super easy to set up, very beginner friendly.
I couldn't figure it out, very bad experience.
Super easy to use, extremely beginner friendly.
Very poorly.
Very short.
Doesn't move smoothly at all.
Goes in and out very smoothly.
Barely notice the heat, or it lasted barely any time.
Nice and warm, and stayed warm for ages!
Didn't feel any irritation at all.
Contantly re-applying...
Lasts for ages!
Uses too much lube, constantly have to reapply lube.
Great! Apply once and forget about it.
Too stiff!
Reacts very well to push-pressure!
I find the materials of very poor quality.
Absolutely amazing, feels like a premium product.
Oh no! I'm sure my neighbours can hear me using this because it is so loud.
Very quiet, can barely hear it.
Very underwhelming, didn't even reach orgasm.
INSANE! This is out of this world.
I really did not like it at all.
LOVED IT! One of my absolute favourites!
Horribly packaged.
Absolutely perfect packaging.
Extremely expensive for what it does.
Worth every penny!
Not realistic at all, completely unnatural.
Very realistic, feels just like the real thing!
Very bad, didn't recognize any commands.
Absolutely great, could control everything just the way I want it from the remote.
Terrible app, didn't work as intended.
Fantastic, could manage everything from the product via the app!
Smells disgusting.
Smells like freshly cut grass (Figuratively, not literally)
Not soft at all.
It's so soft!!!
Awkward to store.
Very easy to store and/or hide from others.
Too ugly!
Looks amazing.
I don't feel like it's pulling me in, at all.
Woah, I feel the pressure, it's hard to pull out!
Barely sticks to any surface.
Great! Can place it anywhere and it stays put.
Tastes really good!
Not intense at all.
WOW, that was insanely intense.
I do not feel it very much during penetration.
It feels amazing when I penetrate it.
Not rough at all.
Very rough.
Not smooth at all.
Very smooth.
Really not feeling it at all.
This absolutely drives me wild.
Super loose, not tight at all.
Extremely tight!!!
Quite a monotone texture...
There is so much going on I don't know where to start!
Too thin!
Very thick!
Very basic/monotone
Tons of options!
Very low vibration strength, barely noticeable.
Wow! I'm sure my neighbours can hear me using this because it vibrates like crazy.
No or very bad patterns.
Fantastic, I can get it to vibrate in the perfect way for me.
Too light.
Very heavy/sturdy feeling.

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