Anal Masturbation Tutorial

Introduction: Learn what you're dealing with

Anal masturbation is a bit different from genital masturbation; it involves a different process and a considerable amount of patience to prepare for as well as a hefty supply of lube. Anuses are close in anatomical composition to the vagina, but are not the same and should not be treated the same. While the vagina is a self-lubricating passage comprised of muscle, the only muscular part of the anus is the sphincter muscle and it is not self-lubricating. Beyond the sphincter muscle (the pucker), there is only a fragile, defenseless colon.

It is a requirement that your hands are clean, your fingernails are cut and filed, and/or the toy you're using is free of sharp edges and has a flared base. Unlike the vagina, objects can get lost up the rectum and are difficult to remove without medical intervention. If you have lost an object inside of your rectum, please go to the hospital and get it removed. Leaving foreign bodies in the rectum for too long can become a deadly health hazard due to the risk of toxic shock syndrome. If you are experiencing fever-like symptoms and are light-headed, short of breath, and have reddening extremities, call 911 immediately. (Note: 911 will redirect you to your local emergency hotline in any country.)

Step 0: Don't just prepare, pamper.

The first step to pleasurable anal masturbation is a well-prepared body and a relaxing, stress free environment. It may interest you to give yourself an enema before you start: it mitigates a lot of the health hazards associated with the floral environment of the anus as well as removes bothersome fecal matter that would otherwise ruin your experience. Never give yourself a DIY enema, always buy a kit and follow the instructions.

Enjoy a nice, hot shower after making sure your colon is clear and before you begin masturbating; stay there for a while and soak in the feeling of the water on your skin. After you're out and dried off, make your way to your bed, bring a towel to lay on for easy clean-up.

Get under the covers and make sure you are completely free of distractions, the anus is hypersensitive to outside stimuli and may tighten up when you sense danger.

Start rubbing your body all over, avoiding your anal and genital area for a while. The key is to make sure that you are very aroused, but don't wait for an erect penis or wet vagina, let it happen. Masturbation is best enjoyed when the process is prioritized above the end result.

Step 1: Lubricate!

Now that you've become relaxed enough to start playing with your anus, firmly acquaint youself with lube, it will be your best friend throughout the entire process. Remember, the anus is not self-lubricating, so supplementation of it is **required**.

Pour some lube into your hand and smear it onto your anus and whatever you're putting into it. It is recommended that you start with a single finger for the initial insertion to get comfortable with the feeling of having something go into your anus as opposed to come out of it. Go slow with this, fiddle around like that for a while until you feel like you can insert a second finger and continue stimulating.

Once you feel like you are ready to insert an object (provided you have one), re-lubricate your anus and lubricate the object well. As stated before, the object must be free of sharp protrusions/seams and must have a method of retrieval such as a ring or a flared base so it does not get stuck in your rectum.

Step 2: Find the prostate (Male only)

Males have a special spot reachable by the rectum called the prostate gland. It is often compared (and may be related) to the female G-spot, which is typically accessed through the vagina; the term "P-spot" is occasionally used to emphasize this comparison.

The prostate gland produces a white fluid that makes up 30% of the semen (with the remainder coming mostly from additional glands called seminal vesicles, and a small amount coming from the testicles). It also contains muscle tissue that is directly involved in the process of ejaculation; its connection with ejaculation is probably why it can be so pleasurable to stimulate, and why such stimulation is linked to higher volumes of semen when ejaculating.

While the prostate is not inside the rectum, it is accessible via the rectal wall, around two inches deep. It is about the size of a walnut and should feel spongey, and the sensation of finding it will immediately hit you. Remember to take it slow and keep track of how lubricated you are.

Step 3

Go at your own pace, but don't be the Anal Destroyer.

Realistically, you should not attempt to be swift in any new thing you try, so keep track of how you feel and adjust your speed to meet your demands for this. Remember, the end result is not the goal, the experience is; make it a good one, not a trip to the hospital with a rectal foreign body or a perforated bowel, or both for that matter.

Unless you have trained your anus heavily, you should make all of your sessions slow and free of distraction for optimal results. You may be able to pull a quickie with your genitals, but your anus is a different story and great damage can be done in haste.

Step 4

Clean-up and biohazard awareness

After you have finished with your anal masturbation session, it is very important that you and your area are cleaned up. In most instances, you are going to come into contact with fecal matter, and handling this properly is essential to health. Feces has two bacteriums called staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli (E.coli), which are strains of bacteria that can cause toxic shock and urinary tract infections. In the anus, they're harmless microbes that are excreted with other waste; they can also be found harmlessly on our skin. However, when they find ways to be absorbed into our bodies, they can make us very sick in several ways.

**E.coli** is the bacteria responsible for food poisoning in our digestive systems and urinary tract infections in our excretory system. Females are more susceptible to these infections due to having shorter urethras and a shorter distance between the anus and the urethra. Some symptoms include painful urination, and a constant urge to urinate. See a doctor immediately if you experience a fever, lower back pain, or blood in your urine. When prescribed anti-biotics, please take the whole course even if you feel better, your doctor gave you that much for a reason and the infection has a chance to return.

**Staph A.** is the bacteria responsible for various skin diseases as well as meningitis, pneumonia, and toxic shock syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome is always an emergency and medical personnel should be contacted immediately upon arrival of the first symptoms. It is mainly contracted through the bacteria entering the bloodstream, which can be done through perforation of the colon as well as through old menstrual blood being allowed to absorb through the vaginal mucosa from old tampons. Infection is rare, but serious. Symptoms include a high fever, reddening of the extremities (hands and feet), sweating, vomiting, seizures, and septic shock which results in death.

It is important to shower after you've played with your anus to remove fecal matter, excessive lube, and to wash your genitals. Always urinate after anal play to lessen the chances of a urinary tract infection. Furthermore, it is important that you never touch your genitals with anything that has been in contact with your anus, this increases the chances of infection. Read up on our list of sex toy materials to learn more about what you can use.



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