LoveHoney ES


LoveHoney EU


Couples' play 5
Discreet 3
Drying Quickness 2
Durability 5
Ease of Cleanup 3
Ease of Entry 5
Ease of Use 5
Lube Efficiency 5
Material 5
Malleability 0.5
Orgasm Rating 4
Price/Performance 4
Packaging 5
Style 3
Smell 4.5
Softness 0.5
Storage/Hiding 3
Weight 4
Overall Satisfaction 4
Perfect for anal stretching

A really good toy to start anal stretching with. As it is inflatable its easy to make sure you know how big you can take it and easy to deflate if it feels uncomfortable. The vibration is adequate but not very strong, especially when the silicone balloon is pumped up. Honestly when pumping the hand pump 20 times and feeling stuffed, then seeing how massive 20 pumps is outside my ass is something I cannot even explain or think would be possible haha. A worthy buy for a worthy ass.

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