Material 5
Price/Performance 5
Ease of Use 5
Suction Effect 4
Realism -
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise -
Lube Efficiency 3.5
Ease of Cleanup -
Drying Quickness -
Texture Intensity 5
Texture Stimulation 5
Texture Penetration 4
Texture Tightness 4.5
Texture Variation 3
Texture Smoothness 2.5
Style 5
Smell -
Softness 5
Durability 5
Discreet -
Packaging -
Versatility -
Malleability -
Storage/Hiding -
Weight -
Overall Satisfaction 4
Will End You Quick

Very very intense. The option that you'd pick if you want to finish quick. If you're more sensitive and don't like ribs then definitely stay away. If you like high intensity and tightness then this is for you. There's a reason it's been so highly rated for years now. Obviously tight but not overly so. Really nice and plump cheeks too. Great high intensity anal option.

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