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June 8, 2021

Updated June 8, 2021

Drying Quickness 1
Durability -
Ease of Cleanup 2
Ease of Use 4
Lube Efficiency 1
Material 2
Malleability -
Noise 5
Orgasm Rating -
Price/Performance 3
Packaging 5
Realism -
Style 5
Smell 3.5
Softness 5
Versatility 2
Weight -
Overall Satisfaction 3

I don't understand the "soft silicone" hype for prostate massagers. They eat up lube a lot quicker. They feel "draggy" when inserting and taking out. Smell sticks to them much easier and cleanup is harder.
The hard 'plastic'(?) is so much better for the usecase. Perfect movement, nearly no lube necessary.
Go with the classic if you have the option.

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