Material 3.5
Price/Performance 4
Smell 3
Packaging 5
Thickness 3.5
Lasting Ability 2
Taste 3
Irritability 5
Overall Satisfaction 4

Astroglide is an alright, cheap lubricant that can be found in many places both on and offline. It's not one of the best lubricants out on the market but it's not the worst either. I mainly bought this product for silicone toys since it is water based lube however, I found myself having some issues when it came to using this product. It evaporates quickly and leaves you sticky in the worst ways but adding more lube does not seem to be an effective solution to this. Instead I recommend using water to re hydrate the lube! Another issue for me using this lube is the irritation I experienced either during or after sessions. I wasn't sure for a while what may have caused this but I figured out it was the glycerin within the lubricant. So be aware of this if you have a vagina!

  1. Good for silicone toys
  2. Affordable
  1. Dries frequently
  2. May cause irritation
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