June 3, 2023

Updated June 3, 2023

Couples' play 4.5
Discreet 5
Drying Quickness 3
Durability 5
Ease of Cleanup 5
Ease of Entry 5
Ease of Use 4
Lube Efficiency 5
Material 5
Malleability 4
Noise 5
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Price/Performance 4
Packaging 5
Style 5
Smell 5
Softness 4
Storage/Hiding 5
Weight 5
Overall Satisfaction 5
Great prostate massager for the inexperienced

I bought this one a good while ago and have been using it occasionally.
This prostate massager is sleek, good looking, comfortable to wear and most importantly - has deep and rumbly vibes, from the weak ones to the stronger ones.
After covering the head with plenty of lube, it will go in easily without much preparation as the head it thinner then its' competitors and after that you just go to pleasureville and relax.
As I wrote before - the vibrations are deep and rumbly, which is good for my prostate as buzzy vibes make it go numb very quickly. Also, the perineum massager gives very pleasurable vibrations as well, which adds to the overall experience.
Cleaning is very simple and straight forward as this toy doesn't have many ridges and the head itself is sleek and super easy to clean - which is a huge plus for anal toys in my opinion.
With all those pros, there is a single con - which is the we-vibe app which tends to be buggy and sometimes annoying to use. It's usually not a huge issue for me. But as sometimes I just want to relax and chill, it is sometimes preventing me from changing the vibrations which is a mild annoyance. That being said, We-Vibe release frequent updates which fixes most bugs (and sometimes introduce a few others).

Definitely a good purchase.

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Deep and rumbly vibrations
  3. Comfortable to wear and for long time use
  4. Easy to insert
  5. Pretty silent and discreet
  1. We-Vibe app is buggy
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