LoveHoney EU


July 20, 2021

Updated July 23, 2021

Material 3
Price/Performance 3
Smell 5
Packaging 5
Thickness 4.5
Lasting Ability 3
Taste 2
Irritability 5
Overall Satisfaction 3.5
One&39;s average lube

My first lube. Overall - fair, but only until you actually go for anything more specialised. Goes well with condoms. Feels pretty natural to the body, but goes sticky too fast, if used for masturbation or massage. Sturdy packaging gives reliability, when transporting, as the nozzle prevents leakage, even if the lid pops off. As it's silicone - not toy- friendly. Tasteless as claimed, but gives the glycerine-ish sweetness and aloe-ish flavour. Would not recommend for oral, as the taste is rather a no, than a yes. Bit too thick for anal, but may do, if no alternative present. Overall - meh, but may consider as your plan B lube.

  1. Cheap and accessible
  2. Sturdy packaging
  3. Low- to non-allergic
  1. Average performance
  2. Unpleasant mouth-taste feeling
  3. Not as good with massage even though claimed as a purpose.
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