LoveHoney CA


December 13, 2021

Updated December 13, 2021

Material 4
Vibration Intensity 5
Vibration Pattern(s) 4
Price/Performance 4.5
Ease of Use 5
Ease of Setup 4
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3
Lube Efficiency -
Ease of Cleanup 5
Drying Quickness -
Style -
Smell -
Softness 3
Durability 5
Discreet -
Packaging 5
Malleability -
Storage/Hiding 1.5
Couples' play 4.5
Weight -
Glideable -
Ease of Entry -
Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Wow it lives up to its reputation

This thing is as intense as they! it doesn't matter what your genital configuration, it'll rock your world, my partner and I both use and it's great for teasing and couple play but be careful because it might finish things off quicker than you were hoping! it's loud and fiddling with the wire is a little inconvenient but it's everything that they say it is!

  1. will finish you off in about five seconds
  1. will finish you off in about five seconds
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