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Return to being a brave young man with all the power in the palm of your hand (well when you have the Stallion spray in your hand)  We all have an inner Stallion that is just waiting to escape and take charge.  We are destined to be Alphas! Now is the time to turn your life around, starting with your lack luster sex.  You have the same problem that many of us do.  Premature ejaculation, early cumming, minute man syndrome, what ever you want to call it.  It is a problem and it is embarrassing, but it doesn't need to be forever.  A few sprays from the Stallion Delay spray will do exactly what it says it will, delay ejaculation and make you a stallion in the bedroom.  Enjoy your long lasting and rock hard erections while pleasing your partner.  End your early orgasm problem today. Don't wait!


Weight: 91g

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