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Large Zeus Electrosex Butt Plug



Step into the world of electro-stim where things get a bit more....electrifying.  Unlike most other sex toys on the market, Electro-stim toys feature the ability to send shock waves and electrocution throughout your body.  Don't worry, electro-stim is perfectly safe and a darn good time.  The Large Zeus Electrosex Butt Plug is a plug-in style butt plug that features a metal side panel that allows the shockwaves to be sent throughout your anal region.  Designed to be plugged into an elecro-stim power box with variable power options, from mild to wild, this large butt plug is sure to stimulate you in a way you've never felt before.




  • Features a classic teardrop-shaped design that makes wearing more comfortable
  • Designed to stretch your anus and give you a more full feeling
  • Plug-in electro-stim anal toy for a shockingly good time
  • Girthy butt plug for fulfilling sensations during anal play
  • Perfect for use alone or as a couple
  • The smooth, tapered tip makes insertion easy
  • The flared safety base stops the plug from over-insertion
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Designed to be used with the Zeus Power Box
  • phthalate-free | Non-Toxic | Body-Safe
  • Proudly made in the USA


Wire up and get ready for some intense anal play! The Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug is a good-sized plug to satisfy your need for size while the flared base helps you keep it in for a longer period of time and still be comfortable. Made to be compatible with all Zeus Power Boxes, this plug can give you an electrifying orgasm like never before!

The Classic Zeus plugs work directly will all Zeus Electrosex power units, as well as Folsom and Erostek units with the KE110 adapter. These plugs are bi-polar and come with a flanged base for a comfortable fit.

At the base of the teardrop-shaped butt plug, you will find a flared safety stopper.  This stopper not only allows you to stand the plug upright, but it also acts as a safety stopper that will keep you safe during use.  Once you get the plug completely inside you will enjoy a nice surprising shock that is controlled by the power box (sold separately). Just because it doesn't look intimidating though, doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch. So for those willing to challenge it, good luck and use lots of lube.

Warning: Electrosex should be kept below the waist and never with someone with a heart condition.

    Large Stim Anal Plug Sizing


    • Overall length - 5" (12.7 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 4.625" (11.75 cm)
    • Width at Widest Point - 2" (5.08 cm)
    • Circumference - 6.29"  (15.97 cm)


      Weight: 227g

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