ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrode Body Clamp Details

A bi-polar body clamp that clips onto any erogenous zone below the waist to transmit waves of electrosex pleasure. On gentle settings it offers a vibration-like tingle while on higher settings it creates a firmer, more powerful sensation. The clamp has plastic-coated handles that offer superb insulation so you can direct the stimulation wherever you want, without sending pulses through your hands. Spring loaded, the clamp will open to 40mm across the end contact and between 20mm to 50 mm in the middle for a firm grip on any body part below the waist. Despite its appearance, this clamp is incredibly gentle, allowing you to use it on your most intimate areas. Designed to the highest safety standards, this electro sex toy has both positive and negative contacts so you don't have to use any other accessories with it. It even has standard 2mm pin connections so you can just slide your wires from your electro-sex power pack in and then you're ready to go. Please note: This clamp requires an electrosex power unit to operate. The unit is not included with the Electraclamp.


Color(s): Black

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