Blush Hot Chocolate Erin the Enchantress Vibrating Realistic Vagina Masturbator Details

Hot Chocolate Erin The Enchantress Black Vagina Masturbator


Ever fantasized about being sexually spellbound by an enchantress?  No need to get lost in the woods and find a sex fairy to bust your wad.  There's a special kind of male masturbator that's perfect for your imaginative and equally sexy mind.  Be ready to get dazzled and captivated by Hot Chocolate Erin The Enchantress Black Vibrating Realistic Vagina Masturbator by Blush Novelties.  This sex toy is delightfully steamy and realistic enough to bring yourself to cloud nine.  Plus, if you fancy a dazzlingly beautiful hot chocolate skin, you'll be as happy as a sandboy when you plunge your one-eyed wonder weasel into this vibrating vagina masturbator. This multi-speed vibrating vagina will surely give your giggle stick the satisfaction it deserves while you cum and go as you please in Erin The Enchantress!


Vibrating Realistic Vagina Masturbator Features


  • Multi-speed vibrating bullets for enhanced thrill and pleasure
  • Ribbed canal to enhance shaft sensations with each cock dive
  • Enjoy penetrating from multiple positions thanks to the flat base
  • Can be used hands-free for a lifelike sexual experience
  • Made from incredibly soft and realistic X5 material
  • Very comfortable to use and flexible enough to fit all penis size
  • Includes a wired remote for convenient control
  • Only requires 2 AA batteries to give you super-intense vibrations
  • Easy to clean and maintain with just soap, water, or sex toy cleaners
  • Free of Phthalates, Paraffins, Latex, and other hazardous materials


Hot Chocolate Erin The Enchantress Black Vagina Masturbator will surely take the wind out of your sails as Blush Novelties takes pride with another realistic vibrating masturbator.  Lead your sex toy experience to the next level with its realistic cavity texture and eye-popping vibration.  Revel with all its enchantment as you explore the outer folds and inner grooves of this wigwagging vagina!

For cleaning this masturbator, simply wash with water and anti-bacterial soap. You can also use a sex toy cleaner in order to clean thoroughly. Pat dry and allow to air dry completely. Sprinkle with cornstarch to keep it silky-smooth for next use. This Hot Chocolate Vagina Masturbator is compatible with both silicon-based and water-based lubricants


    Hot Chocolate Vagina Masturbator Material


    • Body-Safe and Medical-Grade TPE Material
    • Ultra-Realistic and Soft X5 Skin Material
    • Phthalate-Free to protect your sexual health 
    • Compliant with International Product Safety Standards as set forth by CE and RoHS directives


    Erin the Enchantress Vibrating Masturbator Size  
    • Length - 6.25" (15.87 cm)
    • Width - 4.5" (11.43 cm)


    Weight: 816g

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