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Introducing the Ika Sheath! This Bad Dragon Wereable offers a unique take on textures, girth, and feeling from what you would find on our Ika dildo and can be used on male genitalia, other Bad Dragon products, or anything else you may have the need to enhance! The Ika Sheath boasts multiple sucker-like appendages throughout the shaft and enclosed head of the sheath itself, including unique textures inside the sheath itself to provide incredible stimulation on either the outside or when used on the inside. Finally, the Ika Sheath offers a unique ball strap in order to keep the Wereable fitted perfectly on anything that balls. Ever fantasize about transforming one of your own appendages into a stimulating tentacle? Lust to be caught up between coiling tentacles? Don't miss out, slip into the Ika Sheath today!

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