Vulcan Cyberskin Vagina Stroker Details

Stroking just got a whole lot better and much more realistic thanks to this mocha pocket pussy.  This Vulcan Cyberskin Mocha Vagina is the ultimate masturbation tool to increase your sexual stamina.  Tucked into the ultra discreet, totally portable casing, the Vulcan Realistic Vagina Stroker features a ridiculously realistic texture inside and lots of sexy detail outside. You may or may not know this but Cyberskin is the most realistic looking a feeling skin-like material available, and best yet, they were the originators of the real skin material.

Pop the top of a sleek and discreet canister to reveal a CyberSkin stroker sleeve complete with a finely detailed vagina opening. The details in the realistic sleeve are unbelievable from the ridges on the vagina lips to the hood of the clitoris. The mocha skin color is so lifelike you won't believe your eyes. Delve deep into the feeling of its super-snug, twisty texture that's created to mimic vaginal sex. The perfectly textured canal only adds to the already incredible sensation of its plushy soft and temperature receptive CyberSkin material. CyberSkin is a famous signature TPR blend that's body safe and ultra-realistic.

The Vulcan's inner sleeve is removable for thorough, easy cleaning using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. CyberSkin needs to be dry before storage, which should be separate from other soft toy materials. Compatible with any great quality water based lube.

CyberSkin delivers amazingly realistic sensations and life-like detail. The inner sleeve is designed to mimic the feel of a real vagina, special ribs and chambers tease your shaft for additional thrills. The waterproof, removable and open-ended sleeve makes for easy cleaning.  Never use this pocket pussy with silicone lubricant as it will destroy the sleeve. Only use water-based lube, we always recommend the Lynk Pleasure water-based sex lube.



  • Width - 2.5'' (6.35 cm)
  • Height - 6'' (15.24 cm)
  • Depth - 2.5'' (6.35 cm)


Weight: 280g

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