Size Matters Solid Tip Flesh Colored Penis Extender Sleeve Details

8.75 Inch Penis Extender Sleeve with Solid Tip

If you are looking to add inches to your dick without painful surgeries or ingesting pills with who knows what's in them, the best method is with a slide-on penis sleeve.  Using one of these sheaths is simple, there is really nothing to it other than lubing up and sliding in. With so many benefits, if you haven't tried one yet, we highly recommend starting with the 8.75 Inch Solid Tip Flesh Colored Penis Extender Sleeve by Size Matters. Looks-wise, it does not get much more realistic than this sleeve but because it needs to stay hard for great sex, it's stiff but comfortable.  Wearing one while giving it to your partner is going really take your sex life to the next level.


3 Inch Extension Sleeve Features  
  • Extra-long and girthy penis extension sleeve designed for maximum satisfaction
  • The long shaft has a solid 3" extension at the tip of your penis
  • The inner canal is lined with bumps to stimulate your penis
  • Give your partner the ultimate orgasm from the wide and highly textured design
  • Realistic veins cover the shaft and add to the pleasure with each thrust
  • Includes a thick ball strap that helps the sleeve secure to most penis sizes
  • Enjoy longer sex thanks to the prolonging effects of the restrictive ball strap
  • Can help you last longer in bed
  • Made from body-safe TPR | phthalate-free



Coming in at a total length of 10.75 inches, this is a long and thick sleeve that is going to give your partner multiple orgasms.  The insertable length is 8.75 inches so unless you are already hung like a porn star, this sleeve is going to add inches!  The tip is made from solid TPR and adds a full 3 inches to the tip of your penis! Coming in at a girthy 2.25 inches wide, not only are you going to bottom our your partner, you are going to give them a nice stretch as well.

At the base of the sleeve, you will find a ball strap that not only keeps this thing fitting nicely, you are going to feel a pleasureful tug at your balls that will also help you last longer in bed!  The shaft and tip are highly detailed with veins and ribs which add sensations to your partner while the inner shaft is lined with bumps that is sure to give your dick some stimulation.

The sleeve itself is made from body-safe TPR that is soft, yet firm and a bit stretchy so with some water-based lube, this should slide right on.  Pull your testicles through and make sure they sit snugly in the attached ball strap.  Don't forget to lube up your partner as well as this penis toy is going to take them to their limits!


Cock Sheath Size


  • Overall Length - 10.75" (27.30 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 8.75" (22.22 cm)
  • Width at widest point - 2.25" (5.72 cm)
  • Adds 3" to the tip of your penis


Weight: 227g

Length: 222.25mm

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