Dr. Joel Kaplan Gyrating P-Stim Details

The erotic experts at CalExotics and Dr. Joel Kaplan have partnered to create the Dr. Joel Gyrating P-Stim male sex toy. This is a sleek and slim silicone anal probe perfectly curved and ribbed to directly target the male prostate. Haven't you heard? Prostate massage results in some of the strongest and longest orgasms that a man can have. So, what are you waiting for?

This sensually ribbed anal sex toy probe packs enthralling backdoor adventure with 2 intense gyrations speeds into a sleek and slim body. The ergonomically curved anal toy offers flexible pleasure that comfortably slips inside for intense anal stimulation. The rounded tip and pleasure ridges work hard to give you nothing but knee-shaking results.

Amaze yourself or your partner with the perfectly angled head for pinpoint stimulation. The mind-blowing vibrating massager is superb for any level of backdoor pleasure play. Dr. Joel Kaplan, a PhD. from Saybrook Institute, is a pioneer of men's products for sexual well being. He founded his business in 1990, developing many techniques and devices for bettering the lives of men.

Dr. Kaplan has spent his career helping men with sexual enhancement and even received an FDA approval for some of these products to be used as medical devices. Dr. Kaplan joined efforts with CalExotics to provide quality adult products for pleasure in order to continue his mission of improving men's sexual health around the world. The Gyrating P Stim vibrator is endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan.


  • Length - 5'' (12.75 cm)
  • Width - 1.5'' (3.75 cm)


Weight: 295g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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