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Heat things up with 5 delicious flavored lubes that warm to the touch and heat when blown on, for an exciting twist on an erotic massage or oral sex. Prepare for sensory titillation in cherry, passion fruit, strawberry, mango and tropical flavours. Containing 5 individual 1. 0 fl oz bottles, these miniature massage lotions are perfect for travel or keeping in your handbag for a tasty treat whenever the mood takes you. Apply either to your hands or your lover's skin and gently massage to unlock the warming properties of this mouthwatering massage lotion. Try blowing on the skin for even more warmth. Totally delicious and lickable, these massage lotions are water-based and will not affect condom safety. In a multi-flavour 5 pack, Hot Motion Lotion from Doc Johnson makes a great gift for a partner or friend.

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