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Max Stamina Male Enhancement Sexual Stimulant for Men


How long can you last? With a little help from MD Science Lab's Max Stamina, you'll have the energy and passion you need for hours of incredible sex.

These tablets contain assortment herbs and amino acids, and they're designed to gradually improve your stamina when taken regularly. Users often report harder erections, an improved libido, more control, and more intense orgasms.

MD Science Labs has pulled out all the stops to create an incredibly effective supplement. The proprietary blend works together to improve your sexual performance and stamina. Meanwhile, the amino acids l-arginine and GABA help your body handle longer sessions.

That's just scratching the surface - this is one of the most advanced formulas on the market, and it's designed to give you a powerful edge in the bedroom. Take one capsule about 45 minutes before sexual activity and enjoy the results.

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Weight: 172g

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