Cal Exotics Colt 10 Function Vibrating Male Stroker Details

Not content with massaging your meat flute with dozens of sensational jelly nodules, this spectacular stroker also sends waves of vibrations down your entire length for pleasure you can't measure. All you need is a little lube and a long, free evening... Flick on the LED remote to control the 10 function bullet and send titillating vibrations right through the stroker. The ridges and nubs rub over your shaft, and transfer direct vibration and pulsation exactly where you want them. Why not experiment and try flipping the masturbator inside out? Use it without the bullet vibe to experience soft horizontal ridges caressing your entire length. Alternatively, use the bullet vibrator separately to stimulate other sensitive areas of your body, such as the scrotum, perineum and nipples.


Color(s): Black

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