Alpha-Pro 7X P-Gyro Silicone Prostate Stimulator Details

7X P-Gyro Silicone Prostate Massager


Vibrating stimulation on your prostate is great but you know what is better?  Gyrations!  Also known as rotating or gyrating, the motion that is guaranteed to drive you wild.  If you are looking for the most explosive anal orgasms then the 7X P-Gyro Silicone Prostate Stimulator is the tool that will get the job done.




  • Multi-function vibrating, rotating, and gyrating prostate massager
  • Built-in perineum stimulator for full anal pleasure
  • Scroll through 7 incredible functions and speeds to keep your body guessing
  • Made from premium medical grade silicone with European designed motors
  • Easy to use wireless remote control helps you scroll through all speeds
  • No more batteries thanks to the USB rechargeable functionality
  • Includes universal USB cable
  • 100% waterproof for fun in all pools, spas, & jacuzzis


Double down on booty bliss with an anal accessory that buzzes and swirls. The 7x P-Gyro can be used with or without the remote control to cycle through 7 vibration settings that pulse and throb inside your hole.

Meanwhile, the tip will surge in circles within you, gyrating against your sweet spot. The exterior portion has its own motor, as well, and will put textured pressure on your perineum, vibing you from the outside. Made of silky-smooth silicone, you can enjoy a seamless insertion. This premium, rechargeable pleasure tool is waterproof, non-porous, and phthalate-free. Avoid use with silicone lubricants. Clean after use with mild soap or toy cleaner.

Check out everything you need to know about prostate massaging and how to do it.

Note: Charges via USB. Remote requires 1 CR2032 battery, included

7X P-Gyro Size


  • Overall Length - 4.95'' (12.57 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 3.9'' (9.90 cm)
  • Widest Point - 1.45'' (3.69 cm)
  • Narrowest Point - 0.80'' (2.03 cm)



  • Silicone,
  • ABS Plastic


Weight: 227g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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