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Universal Launch is an automated Fleshlight experience for most of your Fleshlight toys! Firmly hold your Universal Ratcheting System compatible Fleshlight product. Slide your product through the circular opening. Once in a safe and desired position, use the large pin to tighten the grip. Lift up on the large latch on the left side to hook the strap snugly, being careful not to over-tighten so as not to damage your Universal Launch. Then turn it on and enjoy the many features of the product. The Universal Launch's easy-to-use, illuminated rocker switches allow you to adjust between four durations and variable speeds, reaching 250 strokes per minute. For a more concentrated experience, shorten the duration of your movements and switch between the three available pleasure zones: base, shaft or tip. The universal smartphone holder on the top gives you the option to watch your favorite content while both hands are busy at the controls. On a full charge, your sessions can last up to 60 minutes, but can also be experienced while plugged in using the Fleshlight Active Launch mode.

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