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Male Edge offers a non-surgical penis enlargement system that's designed to permanently increase the length and girth of your penis. Follow the 6 month programme to grow your penis via traction, which applies a tissue-stimulating steady stretch. Traction applies a steady stretch to the penis. When consistently worn daily, it is said that the penile tissue divides and multiplies to accommodate the stretch, resulting in a larger penis. The 6 month training programme offers average gains of 29% in length and 19% in girth - but you could see more or less than this. After the programme's completion, continue wearing the enlarger to grow your penis further, or set it aside and enjoy the lifelong results of your enhanced penis. Male Edge offer a 200% money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn't see results after completing the 6 month programme. Just register on the Male Edge site and track your training and gains week by week so you can document the evidence of your size increases. Male Edge's extra enlargement set contains everything you need to complete the programme and benefit from a larger, girthier penis. Included in the set is a penis enlarger, full instructions, 2 rubber straps, a protection pad and a ruler with angled measurer so men with penile curvature can record straightening. All are made in Scandinavia to the highest of standards, and a storage box keeps your set together, discreet and safe.


Color(s): Green

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