Cal Exotics Anal Eze Desensitizing Numbing Cream Details

Anal Eze Desensitizing and Anus Numbing Cream by Cal Exotics


Make anal sex great again (and pleasureful too)!  It's time to truly enjoy backdoor play the way it was meant to be, pain-free and pleasurable.  The world-famous sex toy manufacturer Cal Exotics has formulated what we think is one of the greatest gifts to those looking to make anal more enjoyable.  Anal Eze is an anal numbing gel that is designed to be applied directly to the anus to help reduce pain and discomfort for anal sex or any backdoor penetration.

Since the butt hole and entire anus is such a sensitive area, it's the perfect body part to stimulate for full-body pleasure. The same reason anal sex feels so good is also the same reason why it can become painful or you may experience discomfort.  This is due to the enormous amount of nerve endings in the anus area.  If you are looking to safely experience anal sex but would like to ensure no pain and only pleasure, then apply a small amount of this discomfort-reducing anal lube to the ring of your ass 10 minutes prior to engaging in any anal play.

Anal Eze is the answer to the question you didn't even know to ask.  The maximum strength anorectal gel uses a powerful punch of 7.5% benzocaine, which happens to be a very safe topical numbing agent used by doctors and dentists.  Using this gel is completely safe.  We recommend using with the addition of another sex lubricant to really make it slippery.  The slim 1.5 oz tube contains enough of this desensitizing gel to last for well over 30 uses.  

The smooth and slick cream can be applied easily using your finger or an anal sex toy. If you are looking to safely increase anal toy sizing and possibly even get to one of our huge butt plugs, then you will want to use it with this numbing cream.  You will notice a thick and luxurious consistency with Anal Eze which coats evenly, ensuring that you do not over apply in any certain area.  Make sure you do not use too much so you can feel what is going on back there during anal.

Use the gel to enhance the pleasure of erotic anal play and anus penetration. Use fingertip application to lubricate your love hole, and get ready to share intensified orgasmic pleasure with your lover after applying the gel. The sensual gel is designed to eliminate any discomfort during anal intercourse.

The gel provides even coverage and ultimate sensitivity protection for a safe and comfortable encounter every time. The high potency formula ensures your playtime fun is always enjoyable and unforgettable. The easy-to-use gel is suitable for first-time and experienced users and makes a great addition to a toy kit. 

Anal Eze Backdoor Desensitizing Lubricant Ingredients

Benzocaine USP 7.5%, Carbomer, Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethoxydiglycol, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Triethanolamine, Water

Anal Eze Directions: Apply a small nickel size amount to your finger or directly to the anus and surrounding areas. Rub in until completely absorbed by the body.


Weight: 150g

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