Blush Hot Chocolate Naughty Nicole Oral Masturbator Details

Hot Chocolate Naughty Nicole Black Oral Masturbator

Imagine this: soft lips, hot tongue, tight throat around your dick. Fancy getting a deep throat by a hot sexy mouth anytime and anywhere? Take your solo masturbation to the next level with the Hot Chocolate Naughty Nicole Black Oral Masturbator by Blush Novelties. Its textured interior is created with a supple skin-like material so realistic it feels just like a real woman's mouth.


Naughty Nicole Cock Sucker Features


  • Lifelike oral sex toy complete with lips and tongue
  • Ribbed interior for more pleasure
  • Get a real good deep throat without worries
  • Soft and pliant for your fun
  • Made with body-safe TPE material
  • Open-ended for hassle-free cleaning
  • Fits any penis size like a glove
  • Latex-free | Phthalate-Free


Lube your rock-hard rod with a water-based lubricant for a slicker feel and cum deep in her throat. Get balls deep in pleasure as Naughty Nicole sucks you dry. Worried if it fits you? Naughty Nicole can definitely accommodate you. It stretches to fit a huge package and fits like a glove as if made for every penis. Get a blowjob on the go, when you want it. Its size is perfect to fit inside your bag or luggage so you don't have to miss having this cock stroker with you.

Prolong the life of this oral sex toy, be sure to use an antibacterial toy cleaner after every solo jerk-off session. It's open-ended rear for hassle-free cleaning. It's highly recommended to air dry this sex toy for men and use simple cornstarch after washing to retain its smoothness. 


Build Your Sexual Stamina Now


Jerk yourself off with this toy until you sense like you're almost about to cum and pull out before you do. When you no longer feel like cumming, stroke yourself again until you're close to ejaculating and then pull off. Try doing this for longer periods. This will help develop your endurance to lengthen your sexual stamina. No more premature ejaculations!


     Nicole's Black Oral Masturbator Material


    • Body-safe and phthalate-free
    • Medical-grade TPE material | Latex-free


    Naughty Nicole Masturbator Sleeve Product Size


    • Total Length - 5" (12.7 cm)
    • Insertable Length -  5" (12.7 cm)
    • Width - 1.7" ( 4.3 cm)


    Weight: 150g

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