Optimale Electric Power Penis Pump with Air Gauge by Optimale Details

Electric Power Penis Pump with Air Gauge by Optimale


More size, more control, and more safety - Doc Johnson's OptiMALE Power Pump delivers an awesome set of features for users of all experience levels.  As one of the larger auto-electric pumps on the market, this specialty cylinder is great for those men who are big looking to get bigger.




  • Oversized 9" long pump cylinder with measuring gauge
  • Includes an easy to read air gauge for safe pumping
  • The crystal clear vacuum cylinder is made to last a lifetime
  • Helps increase the firmness of your erection
  • Handheld remote control allows for effortless pumping
  • Air-tight Soft Silicone Sleeve
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) 

Insert your penis into the sleeve, then use the controls to select from several pumping speeds. The electronic pump evenly removes air from its vacuum chamber, slowly drawing blood flow to your penis and stimulating an erection. It also increases your size noticeably, and the effects last after you release the pressure.

Safety features include a pressure gauge and a quick-release valve. The silicone sleeve creates a firm seal without leaving behind any annoying red rings, and all materials are completely free from latex and phthalates (ideal for guys with sensitive skin). It's an excellent way to easily enjoy your renewed confidence and better sex without putting your body at risk.

To use this pump as soon as it arrives, be sure to add four AA batteries to your order. Compatible with water-based lubricants.


Optimale Pump Size


  • Length - 12.7" (32.25 cm)
  • Width - 2.8" (7.12 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 9" (22.86 cm)


Weight: 544g

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