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Worn out the Electra Pads that came with your Electra Stim unit? This pack of replacement pads will help you electrify your sex life again. A 4 pack of self-adhesive pads pre-coated with long-lasting conductive gel to offer tingly below-waist play. Simply plug this set of four electrifying pads into your Electra Stim Power Unit and place them on any part of your body. The pads conduct the tingly vibrations wherever they are placed. All you need to do is plug a set of 2mm pins from the Electra Stim unit into 2 of the pads and affix them to your body, or wear all 4 pads for extra fun. Try using them as an electrifying couples sex toy, by placing one pad on your thigh and one on your partner's thigh, and experimenting with tingling touches and kinky kisses. Please note: You need to wear 2 pads in order to complete the circuit in order for the electricity to conduct. You may also use one pad and another uni-polar toy.

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