B Vibe B-Vibe Unicorn Butt Plug Tail Details

Did you ever want a Unicorn Tail? Well now you can have one with B-Vibe Unicorn Butt Plug!  Enjoy the magical vibrations of this Unicorn Butt Plug Tail while looking like one!  This glittery, silicone butt plug has 10 vibration levels with 6 vibration patterns.  The unicorn tail is removable so you can wear the butt plug wherever you'd like when done playing unicorn.

"The set also includes fun accessories to show off unicorn pride, featuring a backpack, Glow-in-the-dark sticker set, and enamel pin. B-Vibe has included a "Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life" to show everyone how to make magic and pleasure, whether it's reveling in their own booty or playing with their unicorn friends! "

Features of B-Vibe Unicorn Butt Plug Tail

  • Glittery Butt Plug Made From Body-Safe Silicone
  • Vibration Levels 10
  • Vibration Patterns 6
  • Power Source, USB Rechargeable
  • Splash-proof (Do not submerge in Water)
  • 19' removable unicorn tail made from easy to wash synthetic fibers

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