Trojan Pleasures Extended Climax Control Condom 12 Pack Details

If you want to test this one out to see how many licks it takes to get to the center, you'll be in for a long night. The Church and Dwight Company's Trojan Pleasures Extended condom with climax control lubricant is high-grade latex, coated with a gentle lubricant that is specially formulated to keep the center from being blown before you or your partner wants it to. The lube which has the active ingredient of 4% benzocaine prolongs the male orgasm and provides him with the staying power to get to your delicate center, over and over again, safely encased within a high-end condom with the extra safety of a reservoir tip.

Trojan Pleasures Extended Delay condoms are a great alternative for prolonging your sex while practicing safe sex. These latex condoms provide a barrier against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. The inside of the condom uses a smooth lubricant infused with 4% Benzocaine to numb your penis just enough to last longer while still feeling all the pleasure of sex. Start enjoying sex and stop worrying about premature ejaculation with these delay condoms on your side. The retail box of climax control condoms contains 12 individually wrapped condoms.



Weight: 68g

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