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Anal-Ese Flavored Numbing Anal Lube


Anal play has always been a source of immense pleasure but it can also be a source of discomfort if you are a beginner or using items such as huge butt plugs.  Don't let the pain and irritation stop you from enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures.  With Anal Ese numbing cream by NassToys, you too can find out what all the fuss is about.

NassToys out of New York, USA has long been famous thanks to their revolutionary anal numbing formula Anal Ese.  As the first over-the-counter numbing and desensitizing anal lube, NassToys has had decades to perfect this body-safe formula.

The main active ingredient in this lube is an extra-strength 7.5% Benzocaine. This is an FDA approved ingredient that is considered generally safe for over-the-counter use.  Meaning, when used properly, you have nothing to worry about.  If you have ever had your teeth worked on at a dentist, you most likely have already experienced this wonderful desensitizing agent.

Formulated as a thick cream, Anal Ese is designed to completely coat your butthole and sphincter.  While this anal lube helps make anal play much more comfortable and enjoyable, we always recommend adding a good water-based lube to help things slide in easily.

If anal sex is in your future, don't take a chance of pain and soreness, add this magic cream for a good time.  Anal Ese is safe to use with most sex toys and should not stain.


How to use Anal-Ese

Before we get into how to use Anal Ese, please remember that this is a numbing lube so if you overuse it, you can go completely numb.  The anus region is a very sensitive area and you never want to go completely numb.  You will always want to feel if you are doing any sort of soft tissue damage so always start with a small amount and add more as needed.  

To properly use Anal Ese, start with adding a small dime size amount of the cream to your finger and slowly rub it into your sphincter, do not penetrate.  Rub the cream completely in and allow to sit for 10 minutes for the numbing effects to start.  After 10 minutes, start penetrating to gauge comfort level.  Apply more lube as needed.

Anal Ese Backdoor Desensitizing Lubricant Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Benzocaine USP 7.5% w/w, Inactive Ingredients: PEG-8, Glycerin, Sodium Saccharin, Flavor, Red 40, Yellow 6


Weight: 113g

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    Anal Ese | Flavored Anus Numbing & Desensitizing Cream .5 oz / Cherry

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    Anal Ese | Flavored Anus Numbing & Desensitizing Cream .5 oz / Strawberry

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    Anal Ese | Flavored Anus Numbing & Desensitizing Cream 1.5 oz / Cherry

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    Anal Ese | Flavored Anus Numbing & Desensitizing Cream 1.5 oz / Strawberry

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