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Jack Rabbit Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Main Image

This vibrator has many cool options for vibration and motion which is nice but it's not my favorite intensity wise....

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Garag Medium Main Image
Best Time of My Life

Jimmyjohn reviewed the product Garag Medium

We needed something to spice up the bedroom. This worked perfectly in my ass. When I came, the orgasm was so perfect...

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Dominika (Butterfly / Lady) Main Image
Perfect if you're on the bigger side

Qwerty65 reviewed the product Dominika (Butterfly / Lady)

Got this one courtesy of the monthly giveaway so thanks again! At 7" x 6" I feel that butterfly is absolutely...

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Green Tea Tree Spray Toy Cleaner Main Image
Good scent

I personally like green tea scent, I would like to try the foaming one though to see if that or spray is better

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Zoie Main Image
Great gift

quagga7 reviewed the product Zoie

Received it from a friend of mine (that I used to sleep with) since she was moving. She thought it'd be funny to...

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Autumn Falls (Peaches / Butt) Main Image
My review of the Autumn falls

My partner actually got this for me for my birthday, since it’s been a running joke between us that she looks like...

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Spinner Masturbator Series Main Image

logdick7 reviewed the product Spinner Masturbator Series

The toy is nice it feels like a blow job

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Apollo Main Image
Got me hooked

PileofPoppies reviewed the product Apollo

this was the first bad dragon product i tried it made me the feel best in a while

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GO Surge Pink Lady Male Masturbator Main Image
Great Starter Fleshlight

Great starting fleshlight, especially since its smaller than a full size so its more discreet and easier to hide....

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Spartacus Dual Lock Nickel Handcuffs Main Image

Overall, a pretty good product. Does it’s intended use. Wish it was cheaper, the price is quite a lot. After about 5...

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Touch Clitoral Vibrator Main Image
Versatile and powerful

ThatGuy reviewed the product Touch Clitoral Vibrator

Good for pin-point sensation, good for grinding, good with a partner, and strong!

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Joanna Angel (Punk / Butt) Main Image
Will End You Quick

Qwerty65 reviewed the product Joanna Angel (Punk / Butt)

Very very intense. The option that you'd pick if you want to finish quick. If you're more sensitive and don't like...

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Ana Foxxx Silk Main Image
Really is Smooth as Silk

Qwerty65 reviewed the product Ana Foxxx Silk

I recently got this and have only used it a few times, but it might be the new favorite. It is so so smooth and is...

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Riley Reid Vagina Utopia Main Image
Good in any size collection

Qwerty65 reviewed the product Riley Reid Vagina Utopia

Reviews for utopia seem pretty mixed, but as someone above average I think it's wonderful. The texture doesn't have...

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Jack Rabbit Petite Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Main Image
Jack rabbit vibrator

I was unfortunately disappointed with this toy because I was only able to try it out one time before it just stopped...

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