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Stoya Destroya Vagina Main Image
It’s okay

cvt54 reviewed the product Stoya Destroya Vagina

It’s not my favorite, but it’s not bad. Pretty stimulating but definitely overrated. If you’re thinking of getting...

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P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager Main Image
Optimale p-curve review

Well... This review follows my third session with this. The first two times were interrupted. Some background....

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Stoya Destroya Vagina Main Image
The more I use it, the more I like it

doodyman8 reviewed the product Stoya Destroya Vagina

It was my first sleeve and the first experience was just phenomenal. It might feel tight at first but overtime it...

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Flip Hole Masturbator Main Image
Intense and Effective (Black)

ajfns81 reviewed the product Flip Hole Masturbator

I've owned the black variation for about 3 years now, and it's a great toy overall! Cleanup is extremely easy due to...

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Bougie Bullet Main Image
Super quality - gets the job done

reallyu reviewed the product Bougie Bullet

This little guy is pretty powerful, but quiet. My wife hasn't made it past the lowest setting, yet. She's used it...

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Fleshpump USB Electric Male Enhancement Penis Pump for Men Main Image
Very comfortable

Very straight-forward to use. The amount of lube required is very high, so be careful and if serious about pumping...

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KY Jelly  Main Image
Love it

Jennifercook reviewed the product KY Jelly

I have used this product for a while.. It does its job. Nice and slick. It does get a little sticky after. I love...

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Autumn Falls (Cream / Lady) Main Image
A welcome surprise

Admittedly I went in blind when making this purchase but I'm glad I did. The initial texture is great as you push...

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JT Main Image
A fantastic, robust toy

noonewilleverseethis reviewed the product JT

While I don't use JT too often, it is absolutely a great toy. Bad Dragon toys are all silicone, so they are much...

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Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup Main Image
Satisfying, a great intro toy

The toy is incredibly convenient. Just break the seal, pop the cap off, and you are ready to go. It comes pre lubed,...

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Garag Medium Main Image
Very nice for both

TheDoctorWho reviewed the product Garag Medium

The Quality is REALLY good. Absolute no Chemical smell. I have the Medium Size and Medium Firmness. My Colors are...

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Flint Main Image
Thick one.

Thiccsnow reviewed the product Flint

Even the small version of flint is extremely thick, so think that I can just barely wrap my hand around it. The...

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Magic Wand Original  Main Image
Wow it lives up to its reputation

vallam reviewed the product Magic Wand Original

This thing is as intense as they! it doesn't matter what your genital configuration, it'll rock your world, my...

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1.5 Inch Cock Xtender Main Image
Slip on extension

Jacobsward13 reviewed the product 1.5 Inch Cock Xtender

It's easy to slip on comfortable and I have no issues with that it's not too heavy it's not too late it's just right...

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Spinner Masturbator Series Main Image
Tenga Spinner

sastover17 reviewed the product Spinner Masturbator Series

I love how the Tenga Spinner feels! The insides twist with each movement and it feels amazing!

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