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What is WhatToy?

WhatToy is a unique platform that focuses on bringing sex-toy-fans together, allowing users to discuss about their favorite products and brands, rate their owned toys and find which toy would be a good fit for their collection.

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  • Reports

    Find out which of your products are the top-performing, most-wanted, highest rated. Figure out what could be improved for future product releases.

  • Comparison

    View details on how your products compare to the competition, in which ways are they better or worse and what can be improved.

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  • Official Representative

    Give your brand a face. Let fans know that you are engaged with the community, that you are willing to listen and adapt. Get the ability to chat directly with users who have given feedback or criticism of your products, or that otherwise need support or help.

  • Direct to consumer

    Create news articles for new releases, updates, exciting news that will be seen directly by your community, without having to use a different platform.

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Consumer Research

  • Anonymous Fan-base Identification

    Get a detailed look into what your fans are, well, fans of! Their interests, likes and dislikes. Use these metrics to identify what type of toy would be a success.

  • Detailed Trend Reports

    Be the first to know if a certain type of product is becoming more popular, giving you an advantage over the competition when it comes to marketing and newsletters.

Always free, with optional features

We want to encourage brands and stores to be active within the community, that's why a lot of the tools we offer are and always will be completely free!


Interact with your customers


  • 'Brand Representative' badge for your profile, forums, etc
  • Alerts for negative reviews, respond to criticism (*)
  • Add Offers/Sales of your products
  • Basic statistics of all your products
  • Manage contact information on your brand page
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Detailed insights on your brand and products

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  • Everything from the basic plan
  • Detailed reports on your products, trends, rankings, etc
  • Create news articles regarding your brand, new releases, updates
  • Option to allow users to message you regarding issues, questions directly within your Brand and Product pages
  • And many more features to come!
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(*) You won't be able to respond to users who have their profile set to private. All statistics and trend reports are also anonymized.
We take our user's privacy very seriously, especially considering the nature of our community. We will not give out personal information under any circumstances.


What can and can't you do with the WhatToy Tools for Brands and Stores?

Any brand or store that focuses on sex toys. We don't allow drop-shippers or re-branding of generic products to be listed on here.

1) Stores must have been in business for at least 12 months, and have made at least 1000 sales.
2) You must also offer a public or private API or feed where we can access product listings, product count, price and availability.
3) You are an online store, we do not allow brick and mortar-only stores.

Simply send us an email to [email protected] with some information about your brand or store, and a contact email or phone (including time-zone) so we can contact you back and help you get started with your Brand/Store WhatToy account.

No, you will only be allowed to respond to said reviews. You will not have access to remove or filter reviews. If you feel like a review is fake, contact your account manager to find a solution.

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