November 11, 2023

Updated November 11, 2023

Couples' play 4
Discreet 4.5
Drying Quickness 4
Durability 5
Ease of Cleanup 5
Ease of Entry 3.5
Ease of Use 4
Lube Efficiency 4
Material 4
Malleability 4
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Price/Performance 4
Packaging 3.5
Style 3.5
Smell 4
Softness 4
Storage/Hiding 4
Weight 4
Overall Satisfaction 4

This product is very easy to use, very easy to clean, very easy to lubricate, very distcreet and it’s very light. I’d say the only con would be they are a little difficult to slide in, unless you are used to that

Good for beginners

Very good for the price. Soft and flexible. A lot of fun to try out

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