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Claim your authority and command your lover's attention with the exquisitely crafted The Regal Queen harness. Comfortable, durable, and designed for pure pleasure, grab on and hold tight. You're in for the ride of your life! The Regal Duchess is the ultimate harness that puts comfort and durability at the top. The double-sided vegan leather is partnered with easy-cinch adjusters for the perfect fit every time. The removable silver ring is easily interchangeable with easy to use and discreetly hidden snaps. Go ahead and let your lover ride you hard. The soft and supple material will leave your skin feeling cloaked in luxury. Step in, cinch tight, and slip your favorite dildo into this finely fashioned harness. The adjusters are easy to tighten and release, and the thick and durable straps are easily worn under your favorite attire for those rip your clothes off moments of passion you don't want to miss.

Available Colors: Red, Gold

Materials: PVC Plastic, Polyester, Iron

Measurements: 64" / 162.5cm (Waist Circumference), 2" / 5cm (Large Ring Diameter), 1.75" / 4.5cm (Medium Ring Diameter), 1.5" / 3.75cm (Small Ring Diameter)


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    Her Royal Harness - The Regal Queen Gold

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    Her Royal Harness - The Regal Queen Red

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