Healthy Vibes Natural Penis Extension Sleeve Details

Instantly increase the size of your penis & become the lover you have dreamed about

Healthy Vibes brings you the ultimate male sex toy, the super soft Thick Dick Men's Girth and Length Enhancing Sleeve.

This soft and stretchy cock sheath will slip over any size male penis and instantly add 2.25'' inches in length and 33% larger in girth. Watch the look on your partners face when you pull out your massive cock and fill them like they have never felt before. This is the best couples enhancement product you can find.

Included on the Healthy Vibes Cock Sheath is a snug ball strap designed to hold the sheath in place, even during the roughest of sex.  The snug ball strap adds intense pleasure to the wearer of the extension!

The premium sex toy is made from lifelike TPR which looks and feels exactly like real skin. The detailed shaft has real looking veins and a perfect shaped penis tip. The tip is perfect for either g-spot or prostate stimulation.

Easily trim the shaft to fit your manhood perfectly.

- Instant 2.25 inches length increase
- Instant 33% growth in girth
- Snug ball strap adds intense pleasure to the testicles
- So lifelike your partner will never know the difference
- 1 size fits all
- Waterproof
- Compatible with your favorite personal lubricants
- Turn fantasies into reality
- Great sex for couples


Weight: 227g

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