Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set of 3 Black Butt Plugs for Men Details

Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set of 3 Black Butt Plugs for Men

It takes courage to overcome the stigma of having something put up your ass for sexual pleasure.  Anal pleasure in men has nothing to do with sexual preference whether you are gay or straight.  Pleasure knows no sexual preference other than damn that feels good.  If you are looking for the perfect anal sex toy to get you started in backdoor play, look no further than the Colt Anal Trainer Kit by Cal Exotics.  This is the perfect butt plug kit which includes 3 different size plugs to take you to the next step in your anal journey.  You can rest assured knowing that this is a high-quality anal plug set with the trusted name of Colt on the box.

Colt Anal Trainer Kit Features
  • The perfect first anal sex toy kit
  • 3 graduating butt plug sizes help train your body to reach new heights
  • Made from body-safe PVC
  • Each body has a wide body that comes to a smooth tip
  • Designed for easy insertion and maximum pleasure
  • The flared base acts as the perfect safety stop and handle
  • phthalate-free | non-toxic | latex-free
  • 100% waterproof for fun in the shower


The Colt Anal Trainer Kit is the all-inclusive butt plug kit that is designed to train your body to adapt and accept larger plugs over time.  As a beginner or inexperienced user, you should start with the smaller of the 3 included plugs.  This 4'' x 1'' plug which is roughly the size of a man's pinky. This should get you warmed up and ready for the medium 5'' x 1.25'' plug.  As you take in the medium size you should really start to feel the weight and pressure which stimulate and excite the prostate.  

Once you have been playing around with the Colt plugs for a while, you should prepare yourself to achieve the master level and insert the largest of the 3 plugs.  This beast of a plug measures a whopping 6'' x 1.5'' and looks every bit of it.  The pleasure felt by using such a large plug should be the goal of anybody's anal training.

Each of the 3 plugs is made from soft and smooth PVC which is completely safe to use in the body. All 3 plugs include a wide flared safety base which is a handle and a safety stop built into one.  Hygiene is especially important with anal toys so make sure to clean before and after each use with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.  Try to only use water-based lube with PVC.  Make sure to use a ton of lube to make insertion comfortable. It should never be painful.


    Colt Anal Trainer Sizing
     Small Plug
    • Overall length - 4'' (10.25 cm)
    • Insertable length - 4'' (10.25 cm)
    • Widest point - 1'' (2.5 cm)


     Medium Plug
    • Overall length - 5'' (12.75 cm)
    • Insertable length - 5'' (12.75 cm)
    • Widest point - 1.25'' (3.25 cm)


    Large Plug
    • Overall length - 6'' (15.25 cm)
    • Insertable length - 6'' (15.25 cm)
    • Widest point - 1.50'' (3.75 cm)


    Weight: 454g

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