Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator Details

Forget hand massages. You can shake your whole house from its very foundations with the jaw-rattling judder of this extra-powerful wand. Your cordless Magic Wand harnesses AC power from the wall before firing it out in 8 vibration styles. Brace yourself. Soft silicone creates a delectable surface for transmitting the vibrations, with 4 x speeds and 4 x patterns operated with ease via the 3-button controls. Reach down your back or touch your toes with the extra-long handle, which is versatile enough to enable an amazing all-over massage. Make things more intimate and progress to pressing your Magic Wand against the opening of your vagina and clitoris for wild intensity of sensation. Recharge your toy at any point by plugging it into the wall socket. But if you come to playtime and your battery's flat, it's no problem - switch it on at the wall to use it like a cord wand model. Add slip and slide to orgasmic massage by coating your toy's head with water-based lubricant.


Color(s): White

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