Colt XL Butt Plug | Black Big Boy Silicone Anal Toy for Men Details

Black XL Big Boy Huge Silicone Butt Plug by Colt


It's mostly common knowledge that stimulation of the inside of a man's ass can create some of the body's most powerful and pleasureful orgasms.  You can use fingers or other body parts to stimulate that area or you can opt for an anal sex toy to stimulate yourself.  The more pressure and weight on the prostate and in a man's ass, the more pleasure will be felt.  With that in mind, Colt, the famous adult studio, created the XL Big Boy Butt Plug.  This is no ordinary butt plug, its an ergonomically shaped plug designed for maximum anal stimulation. Slide the huge toy inside and fill yourself up with intense pleasure.


XL Big Boy Features


  • Extra Large spade-shaped butt plug with a flared base
  • Made from premium medical grade silicone
  • Soft and smooth exterior allows you to slide the butt plug in effortlessly
  • Oversized design is perfect for more advanced users and those who are daring enough
  • The large flat base acts as a stand as well as a safety stop during use
  • The added weight and pressure provides body rumbling orgasms
  • Tapered tip makes penetration more enjoyable and comfortable
  • Girthy and firm butt plug for fulfilling sensations during anal play
  • 100% waterproof
  • phthalate-free | Non-Toxic | Body-Safe
  • Proudly made in the USA



The ace of spades is the card to get in a deck of cards and spade-shaped plugs are the butt plugs to get when looking for the most pleasurable shape.  The Colt XL Big Boy is a huge butt plug for men made from pure silicone.  When you grab hold of this oversized anal toy you will feel the weight from the sheer size and amount of silicone.  Once it is inside of you, that extra weight is going to send waves of pleasure throughout your entire body.

The tip of the plug starts out quite narrow and then quickly flares out to a pear-shaped body.  Under the belly of the anal plug, you will find a narrow neck for the ring of your ass to pucker up nicely to.  At the bottom, you will find a flat and smooth silicone base that holds the plug up nicely.  This stopper will also provide a safer sexual experience by not allowing the entire toy to go inside.

With a full 4.5'' of insertable length and a more impressive 9.5'' of girth, this anal toy is definitely not for you beginners. This was made specifically for more advanced anal explorers looking to step up their game.

Enjoy the silicone toy safely without any toxins, phthalates, or other chemicals.  Use tons of water-based lubricant while playing around with this one, you are going to need it!  Always clean with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use, especially since its for use in the butt!  A


    XL Big Boy Silicone Butt Plug Sizing


    • Overall length - 5.5'' (13.97 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 4.5'' (11.45 cm)
    • Width - 3'' (7.62 cm)
    • Circumference - 9.50''  (24.13 cm)
    • Weight - 1.50 lbs


      Weight: 1361g

      Contains Silicone: Yes

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