LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit Xtra 10 Function Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Details

Propel yourself towards orgasmic bliss and climactic crescendos with the thrusting shaft of this powerful bunny. Boasting a 10 function motor within a glorious girthy form, this rabbit thrusts, rotates AND vibrates to push you over the finish every time. With 3 powerful ear speeds and 7 ear patterns, plus 3 speeds in the shaft, this rabbit vibe provides simultaneous stimulation at its best. Within the shaft are 2 rows of rotating steel beads, contained in a firm, jelly-like shaft. These little beauties aren't just there for glitz and glamour - they brim with powerful sensations too. Plus, unlike a real rabbit, this one loves water and can't wait to hop in the bath or shower with you. Use with a little (or a lot) of your favorite lube and prepare for pure and intense pleasure - by yourself or with a partner. Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator's Vital Function Stats: Ears: 3 speeds, 7 patterns; Shaft: 3 speeds


Color(s): Purple

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