Master Series Gape Glory Clear Hollow Butt Plug | 3.9 Inch Tunnel Probe by Master Series Details

Gape Glory Clear Hollow Butt Plug by Master Series

The last time you heard somebody say "open wide" they may have had a different meaning than when somebody is talking about the Master Series Gape Glory anal plug.  Unlike most anal plugs, this is not a solid plug with lots of weight for added pressure inside of your body. This anal toy is quite different actually.  The center portion of the plug has been removed which makes it more like a tunnel then a full plug.  With a completely hollow center, it is very easy to see how fun and unique this toy can be.


Gape Glory Plug Features


  • Soft and comfortable hollow anal plug that conforms to your body
  • The hollow plug gently opens up your anus wide enough to see into your body
  • Made from plush and stretchy TPE for maximum comfort
  • The hollow-core allows for fun and unique sexual play
  • Great for liquid play as well as enemas
  • Insert fingers, toys, lube, and much more for added fun and pleasure
  • Flared safety base keeps this toy just where it should be
  • The smooth shell slides easily into your butt
  • Enjoy a new and intense pleasure with the plug inserted for extended periods of time


The Gape Glory Butt Plug by Master Series is a clear and hollow butt plug designed for men to wear in short and extended periods of time.  The soft TPE plug can be squeezed into any ass for a stretched out and pleasurable feeling.   With a smooth outer body, this anal toy should slide easily into your butt.  Especially if you add a good lubricant, either silicone or water-based will do.

The hollow core plug is designed so you can insert objects into either yourself or your partner while the plug is in.  Squeeze a bunch of lube in there for a slippery good time.  If you have other thing anal toys or even your finger can slide into the hole and inside the body. A great feature of the hollow center is the ability to use enemas and other fun toys in the backdoor with little effort!

Always clean before and after each use with hot water and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

    The Gape Glory Hollow Anal Bulb Sizing


    • Overall length - 3.9'' (9.90 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 3'' (7.62 cm)
    • Width - 1.9'' (4.83 cm)


      Weight: 91g

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