Blush Performance VX9 Electric Penis Pump Details

Performance VX9 Electric Penis Pump


One look at the Performance VX9 Automatic Electric Penis Pump by Blush Novelties and you will know that you are looking at something special.  As one of the top-performing pumps on the market, this award-winning electric pump is designed to achieve maximum growth gains in the shortest amount of time.  If you want to reach your fullest potential and enjoy a thicker and harder cock this pump should be your go-to pump.  Blush Novelties put a lot of thought and effort into the overall design and functionality of this pump.  While it may look similar to many of the pumps you can find on your local toy store shelves, understand it is not.  The superior automatic pump is the result of many years of research and design combined with the latest components and technology.


VX9 Electric Pump Features 


  • Intensely powerful automatic and electric cock pump for men
  • Full modular penis pump system means everything is interchangeable
  • Swap out pumps and cylinders easily with the push of a switch
  • Enjoy effortless pumping with the auto motor which does all of the work for you
  • Includes professional-grade cylinder with all hardware and connectors
  • The flared base cylinder is designed to be comfortable during use
  • Go sleeveless! This pump does not need a penis pump sleeve
  • Designed for precision pumping to avoid over-pumping injuries
  • Extra Large Airtight Vacuum chamber assures maximum performance
  • Vacuum suction pulls blood into your shaft to improve your erection
  • Special no-crimp hose & extra-large chamber make it easy to use
  • Chart your progress with the heavy-duty gauge or built-in ruler 
  • Latex-Free | Phthalate-Free | Made with only body-safe materials


 Now earlier we mentioned that this was indeed a special pump.  While all of the great features do in fact make it a special pump, what sets this apart from the rest of the pack is that the cylinder measures 1.75'' in diameter.  Typically completed pumps are about 2.50'' in diameter which is the industry average so it is harder to find more unique sizes such as this.  The crystal clear hand-blown cylinder is designed for men seeking a less girthy option.

On the side of the pump, you will notice the easy to read measuring system which allows you to track your growth progress.  After all, it's all about the results.  The professional-style flared base of the pump creates the perfect seal on the pelvis every time.  No need for a pump sleeve with this unit, even with pubes, you will get the air-tight seal every time.

All of the technology is housed in the easy to use hand controller which flips on at the press of a button.  Once you power up the electric penis pump you will notice how powerful of a suction it creates with a minimal amount of noise. Once you arrive at the optimal pressure inside of the penis pump cylinder, the smart pump automatically powers turns off, giving you a safe and enjoyable experience.

The entire pump kit is a modular system that easily disassembles with push to connect, connectors. Included is the cylinder, all connectors, silicone hose, and the auto pump.  Easily change out the pump for a different style with a gauge or add a different size pump, whatever your preference is, you have the freedom with this unit.

The entire pump kit can be disassembled for super easy cleaning, which I have to recommend.  Truthfully, you should be cleaning your pump before and after each use with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and warm water.


Performance VX9 Electric Pump Size


  • Length - 9'' (22.86 cm)
  • Insertable Length | Max Penis Length - 8.9'' (22.6 cm)
  • Width - 1.75'' (4.45 cm)


Weight: 680g

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