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Help improve pleasure and intensify orgasms with these kegel balls. Hiding a pair of free-roaming jiggle balls weighing 60g within a smooth silicone coating, this intermediate weight can arouse internal hot spots whilst providing an effective PC workout. Your internal muscles naturally clench around the balls to keep them in place, as free-roaming weights jiggle with your every movement to help to enhance your pleasure. With regular use, you (and your partner) may enjoy a stronger, tighter vagina, while you can benefit from the satisfying sensation of stronger, longer lasting orgasms. Wearing your kegel balls before intimate play is a great way to trigger natural lubrication and enhance sensitivity for an extra thrilling experience. Try walking, jogging or pole vaulting to activate the free-roaming internal weight and experience thrilling internal stimulation while you exercise. Remember, movement and exercise with these balls = pure pleasure and no achy muscles. A good splash of water-based sex lube to the kegel balls and yourself is all you need for extra easy insertion. Results may vary.


Color(s): Purple

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