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Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Scrotum Support


Stop leaving your balls to fend for themselves.  Your balls not only play a major role in your reproductive life but are also a major center of nerves and prime for pleasure.  Dr. Joel Kaplan, the world-renowned sex expert knows this which is why he created a sex toy that specifically focuses on your low-hanging balls.  This pure silicone vibrating ball enhancer known as the Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Scrotum Support is the key to your testicular happiness.  Combine the use of this toy with a masturbator, sex, or a blow job, and prepare to have your world rocked!




  • One of a kind ball support and vibrating sex toy
  • Made from soft and luxurious silicone for a comfortable fit
  • The thin yet durable construction is designed to stretch over all sized balls
  • Includes a built-in cock ring strap to fit snugly over your shaft
  • Helps prolong ejaculation and keeps your harder for longer
  • Includes a removable 3-speed vibrating bullet for testicle stimulation
  • Powered by 3 Watch Batteries (Included)
  • Built-in air vents keep your restriction comfortable and flowing with fresh air
  • The discreet and compact support system is suitable for first-time and experienced users
  • The supportive pouch maintains an erection for longer


Elevate your performance and climax satisfaction with the Dr. Joel Silicone Scrotum Support. The easy-to-use, comfortable-to-wear scrotum pouch is designed to provide maximum stamina support for a rock hard erection and extended playtime fun.

The soft and stretchy, pure silicone pouch provides comfortable scrotum support and comes with a wireless 3-speed stimulator to up the ante.

The pliable, ventilated and breathable pouch has an enhancer ring that wraps around the base of the erect penis, while the pouch ensures a snug scrotal fit and secure placement.

The metallic plated ABS bullet stimulator slips into the sleeve at the base of the pouch and delivers tantalizing sensual sensations when powered up. The discreet and compact support system is suitable for first-time and experienced users and makes a great addition to an erotic toy collection.

The supportive pouch maintains an erection for longer and prolongs intimate play. The removable bullet vibe can be used independently to arouse and stimulate super sensitive sweet spots all over the body. Before and after use, clean the stretchy pouch with a toy cleaner spray.




  • Overall Length - 4" (10.25 cm)
  • Overall Width - 2.5" (6.25 cm)



Weight: 91g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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