NSNovelties Renegade Silicone Vibrating Prostate & Perineum Massager II Details

The Renegade Silicone Vibrating prostate and Perineum Massager II is a perfectly shaped prostate massager for men looking to explore the back door.  If you love intense stimulation that leaves no area without stimulation, then this is the male sex toy for you. This prostate massager by Renegade has an internal vibrator for direct p-spot stimulation and an external arm that vibrates against the perineum for even more pleasure. Made from some of the softest silicone on the market, insertion and continuous vibration will provide you with endless pleasure and fun.  Explosive orgasms await!

Anatomically designed to stimulate erogenous zones, this massager uses a premium quality bullet to send waves of vibrations throughout the body. Made of silky feel silicone, the Renegade massager is a source of endless orgasms for him.

Shaped into a pliable 'J' shape, the insertable portion effortlessly reaches up to the prostate, and angles forward to massage this orgasm-inducing center of sexual satisfaction, the external area targets the perineum with a firm, textured contoured nub that can be positioned into just the right spot.

A subtle yet powerful removable bullet vibe planted deep into the end of the external base sends thrills of pleasure through the perineum, letting you focus on the sensations occurring deep within the anal canal. Many men have testified to the incredible power of p-spot massage and stimulation, the orgasms that can result from this often-unexplored erogenous zone are said to be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Thanks to its simple design, manageable size and supple, forgiving feel, the Massager is a great way to delve into the pleasures of the prostate, beginner, novice or expert as you may be. Silicone is one of the finest materials available toy-wise, it's completely body safe and hypoallergenic.

Its's super easy to clean too. Some warm water and soap or a toy cleaner will do. And always use it with some water based lubricant to keep everything smooth, slippery and comfortable.


  • Length: 4.75" (12.1 cm)
  • Insertable Length: 3.5" (9 cm)
  • Width: 1.25" (3.18 cm)


  • Silicone


Weight: 295g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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