Cal Exotics Adjustable Weighted Silicone Ball Stretcher 87g Details

If you like gentle ball tugging during foreplay and sex and fancy some hands-free action, this beginner's ball stretcher is perfect for you. At just 87g and made from velvety-smooth, adjustable silicone, it straps around your balls for gentle pull. Giving you the best of both worlds, this simple weight-based ball stretcher combines the adjustability of a ball ring, with the swinging weight of a ball stretcher for ease of use and comfort. Unlike physical ball stretchers which extend the balls via a thick piece of rubber or metal, this slimline weighted version works with gravity to product sensation. This means when you're ready for the pulling to stop, you just need to sit down! Always coat your balls and the inside of the stretcher with a water-based lubricant before wear to enhance comfort. Please note: Packaging states 57g. This is an error.


Color(s): Black

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