Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager Details

What is the Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager?

The Optimale P-Curve Prostate Massager is one of the most luxurious and enjoyable anal vibrations available today.  The easy to insert shape of this vibrator makes playtime all pleasure and no pain.  After the smooth shaft is inserted in your backdoor, the first thing you will notice is the perfectly angled tip which is applying just enough pressure on your prostate to drive you wild. Once powered on with the easy to use remote, you will feel wild and stimulating vibrations that will get you to orgasm quicker than you may have wanted.  These orgasms are so intense that you will beg for another round.

The prostate vibrator has an extra-large flared base. This allows vibrations to reach your perineum (aka the “taint”) for additional stimulation. The base also doubles as a safety feature by limiting just how deep the vibrator can go.

The anal vibrator features 7 different modes, including multiple speeds and pulsating patterns. The wide variety of vibration modes lets you easily find one to fit your needs – whether you're looking for prostate stimulation during solo play, foreplay or while having sex. You can control the vibrator directly or with the included remote, allowing you to change vibration modes while using it at the same time.

The OptiMale P-Curve Vibrator is fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub. This makes it easier to clean up beforehand while allowing you to get wet and wild while trying out your new vibe. And it definitely makes cleaning up afterwards a breeze!


The Main Features Of Optimale P-Curve Prostate Massager
  • A combined prostate and perineum stimulation interface
  • An independently vibrating shaft and tip that hits the p-spot perfectly
  • 7 intense and powerful vibration modes
  • 100% waterproof for enjoyment in the water
  • made from soft and luxurious silicone for easy penetration
  • A simple push-button wireless remote control 
  • A fully rechargeable battery that offers 2 hours of playtime with every charge
  • A standard USB cable charging port (cable included)
  • Flared safety base is comfortable to hold from and extremely safe to use
  • Latex & Phthalate Free (very safe material!) 
  • Curved tip works your prostate for longer-lasting and more intense orgasms
  • Made to fit your body comfortably and effectively


The P-Curve is made of medical quality silicone meaning it is hypoallergenic as well as nonporous. It is also waterproof which makes cleaning super easy.  The P-Curve is fully rechargeable and includes a USB cable, so no need for batteries! Simply attach the magnetic charging pad to power up.  Don't forget to use your favorite water based lube to make it easy and pain-free to use.  Never use with silicone lubricant!  Always clean with warm water and an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner!

Optimale P-Curve Anal Vibrator Size
  • Width: 1.25 Inches (3.18 cm)
  • Insertable Length: 3.5 Inches (8.89 cm)
  • Total Length: 5.5 Inches (13.97 cm)


Our Thoughts

For the price, when you buy the P-Curve by Optimale, you are maximizing your money. This prostate massaging tool looks and feels like a much higher cost toy.  Handling it, the silicone is very smooth to the touch and there are no seams which make the toy insert that much easier.  The wireless remote is a great addition so your partner can play with you from across the room (or if you just want to control in a much more comfortable manner.  We believe this is one toy you will absolutely love.


 What Comes in the P-Curve Box?
  • The Optimale P-curve prostate stimulator
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB powered charging cable
  • Discreet storage bag
  • Directions and warranty card


Weight: 680g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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4.09 avg from 3 ratings
4.09 avg Brand rating

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Top reviews of the Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager

January 6, 2022

Updated January 6, 2022

Couples' play 4
Discreet 4
Drying Quickness 5
Durability 4
Ease of Cleanup 5
Ease of Entry 4
Ease of Use 3.5
Lube Efficiency 3.5
Material 4
Malleability 3.5
Noise 4.5
Orgasm Rating 4
Price/Performance 4
Packaging 3
Style 3.5
Smell 4
Softness -
Storage/Hiding 4.5
Weight 4
Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Optimale p-curve review

Well... This review follows my third session with this. The first two times were interrupted.
Some background. Been horny most of the day and haven't cum for two days.
I lubed up my butt and the toy and inserted it pretty easily. No other prep than lube. Felt the first drip of pre-cum forming as it went in place. (I said I was horny!) Pretty easy to insert once you get the angle right.
Turned it on reasonably easily as the button is on the underside (although did have a bit of trouble turning it on again after it being off as I started writing this review).
Started on the first setting which is a low continuous vibration. After 4 or 5 minutes I had my first, mild, dry orgasm. The second was better and the third better than that! After the third and about 10 minutes, I went to the second setting. A stronger continuous vibration. Three decent dry orgasms and a small pool of pre-cum later (say 6 or 7 minutes after starting) I went to the third and strongest continous vibration. One more dry orgasm and I stopped to write this (although it's now back on but without concentration on the toy I haven't had another dry orgasm).
Haven't managed a full orgasm with the toy yet, but I don't think it's far off. A bit more practice with it should do the trick! (The only toy I've managed this with is the NJOY wand).

A decent beginner's toy but I that some experience with a non- vibrating toy would be useful (I started my journey with the Aneros Helix Syn). The technique I use is the (what I call) slight clench technique. Just enough that the toy can move in and out when involuntarys start happening.

One downside is that I struggle to get the charger plug into the toy. Has taken me about a minute each time I've tried.

Right. The toy is on the third setting and I'm going to keep going with the toy and see what happens!

Hope that helps any prospective purchasers.


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