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With a unique head, shortened shaft and incredible bulge, you'll find Apollo a compelling mixture of some of Bad Dragon's most tantalizing features, all in one, stimulating package. Perhaps his most intriguing aspect: a conical, spiraling tip opens you up wide to take in his substantial girth while offering noticeable sensation the moment he penetrates you. Sliding your way over its many bumps, grooves, and sensation-filled textures, you'll encounter a sizable knot. Coated in realistic veins, this knot will fill you with an incredible stretching sensation you won't soon forget. This toy is best suited for those who enjoy knots and girth, for use in anal or vaginal play and is great for g-spot stimulation, and clenching. To enjoy all of his many curves and edges, try adding a cumtube to slide your way over his many intriguing features.

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  • Lowest ever price: $75
  • Highest ever price: $85

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