LoveHoney Mains Powered Classic Metallic Magic Wand Details

Strong, shiny, and sensational: the Lovehoney Metallic Wand is a magical multi-coloured version of our Classic. Intense multi-speed vibrations deliver a whole galaxy of pleasure with soothing strokes, deep-tissue massages and totally satisfying climaxes. The soft, flexible silicone head caresses your body – wherever you choose to play, while the lightest touch of the scroll wheel takes you from relaxing rumbles to intense, otherworldly vibrations. Great as a couple's toy, focus on the clitoris, anus or perineum to add variety to your shared pleasure. This limited edition wand is mains powered so you'll never have to worry about batteries or recharging your toy; just plug in and enjoy. Apply a good squeeze of water-based lube to the head of your wand vibe to ensure the best sensations.


Color(s): Pink

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