Lelo TANTRA Feather Teaser Details

LELO's TANTRA Feather Teaser is a perfect way to titillate and tease your way to ecstasy. Combining luxurious down feathers with a polished metal and acrylic handle, this teaser offers a stylish invitation to your many soft, sensual, and seductive trysts ahead!

Included: TANTRA Feather Teaser, 1 year warranty/10 year pleasure guarantee, User manual

Product Dimensions: Length: 156 mm ± 5mm for feather, 58mm ±0.5 mm for handle; Total 214mm, Weight: 21.5 grams

Materials: Acrylic shaft / feathers / stainless steel

Recommended Use: Sensory Play



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    TANTRA Feather Teaser Red

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    TANTRA Feather Teaser Purple

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    TANTRA Feather Teaser Black

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